Quirky Questions that Matter...

THESE ARE MY ANSWERS to the most INTERESTING INTERVIEW I have had so far. WHAT WOULD YOURS BE? How did you meet your best friend?  I was about twelve and part of a group of girlfriends. One day a new girl came to school and I suggested we invite her into our group. However, another girl in the group objected. She wanted to leave the new girl out for the simple reason that she was new. I refused to let this happen and believing in the power of my own authority I said: “If she is not allowed in then I don't want to be part of this group either.” Unfortunately, that meant I was kicked out. I became best friends with the new girl but we both were bullied by the group as a result. It was not a good experience but I am still friends with her about thirty years later. What’s your favorite cheesy pick-up line? Have you ever used it for real? Has anybody ever told you that you have the most gorgeous hair? I have used it on a total stranger with gorgeous red hair sitting

I stopped writing on this blog when I discovered my mother was reading it...

And now 5 years later, here I am again. STILL ALIVE. Just. I am about to publish my first book. I am about to publish my 11th? 12th? album. I actually don't remember the number anymore. I know, it sounds wanky. The reality is... I actually have stopped counting. Because it doesn't really matter does it? I mean... a long time ago, or maybe not so long ago I used to write music in the hope that I would be famous someday. I have now given up that idea. Not only I have realized that this world is not a meritocracy but I also realized that it's absolute madness to put your self-worth into someone else's hands. Why should some stranger's opinion be more valuable to me than my own? That is madness! The trouble is, my own opinion of myself, for many years, depended on other people's approval. That is why it was so important to 'succeed' - that is - win as many people's approval as possible. All I really wanted was a good pat on the shoulder, a millio

NYC Day 2-9

So ten days or so have passed since the beginning of this trip to shape my upcoming Fringe Show "Front Line" with Director Yana Landowne and it’s all a blur. It feels like I arrived in NYC a month ago, and I have to check my calendar to remember all that has happened. I don’t think my brain can process information as fast as the pace required in this city that never sleeps. So now I am in the airport, waiting to board my plane back to Edinburgh and It all feels very very weird. I have a ton of photos and videos that have been shot, and will try to do my best to follow my journey. DAY 2 So on the second day at Yana’s we rehearse for three hours and immediately afterwards we leave to go to a restaurant where we drink Prosecco and eat oysters (my first time ever!). It is very classy and tasty and hip but doesn’t cost a bomb because it’s happy hour… After a healthy dose of fish Yana has to take a phone call and while she talks we walk to one of her director frien

Day 1 in NYC

This trip has been long in the making. It all started two years ago, in a street near my home in Edinburgh during the 2014 Fringe. While waiting in a cue to see a clown show I struck a conversation with a very colourful lady who struck me as very different from the crowd. She had a broad smile and a open energy about her as well as a congenial dress sense.  I wouldn't have made much of it if it weren't for the fact that I kept bumping into her at shows and finally at my house, as it turned out she had made friends with my then troubador musician flatmate Danny Mullins.  It was friendship at first sight, and very soon I found myself skyping Yana, who turned out was part of a NY art collective as well as a NY director and lovely person extraordinnaire. Soon I also learned that we shared similar asthetics as well as ethics and artistic vision. It didnt take long to figure we wanted to work together, but it did take a while to figure out doing what.  Back in 20

Falling in love @ the Fringe is not a good idea. Or is it?

Well, there you go. They do say when you never expect it... But I never thought that would be me. All year round I spend the majority of my time in this wonderful city, Edinburgh, looking for some signs of intelligent male life forms that will also be pleasing to the eye but me being very very picky well... I often miserably fail . However when Fringe time comes the city population triplicates and of all these people most of them are artists trying to 'make it" at the Fringe. Chances are there would be one that fits the bill. Trouble is this year there was. Believe it or not I did find my perfect fit on the very first day of the fringe. The guy was almost too wonderful to be true: smart, funny, interested in the same things, sociable, into me and attractive too! Impossible ! Well we hit it off immediately and went on to have a great few days together. We got on like a house on fire and well, before I knew it found myself on fire for him myself.... BUT. There is a b

Vote to Stop Queen Victoria from needlessly ruining the lives of Thousands !

Have a look at my music video "The Ballad of Queen Victoria"! I have until tomorrow to convince Paloma Faith from Launching People UK to help us shoot this video in the coolest of ways and with a professional team, so if you like the project please support me !!  It only takes a couple of minutes to do so and Ill be your best friend forever ... swear ! Basically you ll need to click on the support button until it goes grey ( this might mean twice or more) otherwise your vote won't count... I know, it's dumb and annoying but it's the way they ve set it up.... this are the step by step instructions in case you get lost... THANK YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!! 1) first you click on this 2) then you need to click on SUPPORT ME 3) then you need to click on CONNECT to FACEBOOK 4) then you need to click OK on "launching people uk will receive the following info…" (

And so I did it

Taking courage in both hands... this is what we say in Italy. The meaning is rather obvious is it not? Sometimes you gotta wait til you feel high and strong to be able to make a difficult decision. You know that later you will have your weak moments but if you do it when you feel on top of the world you are operating from the vantage point of having all the resources to deal with the upcoming difficulties. You sort of feel like you 'll be ok, and that gives you the strength to go with the right path for you even though it is scary. So I did it. I waited til I felt on top of the world, after a gig. And it seemed easier. Later I still had to pay the consequences and felt like crap for a while but at least I wasn't in Limbo anymore and deep inside I knew I had done the right thing. A few days have now passed and I have had my moments of insecurity and tears. I have felt like nothing ever changes and that I am always falling into the same patterns. But then I picked myself up: